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Customer Testimonials for Hollywood Imports Inc

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Angela Taylor - 2014 Mini Cooper Countryman

I was online and seen the perfect car for me. I called and talked to Melanie Riley(she was so nice and kind)! I took a drive to Hollywood Imports and it was just like sitting in my own living room. I test drove the car and feel in love. I wanted it. I got to have it. Yes I purchased it. It is mine. Thank you so much Melanie. You are the best!

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Jeff - 2012 Acura TSX

Samantha, just wanted to tell you thank you for the service you have provided in my visit.

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Chris - 2006 Mercedes E500

I really appreciate the fast response and assistance from this dealership Thanks Samantha

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Curtis Graves - 2015 MINI COOPER S

Curtis Graves

My wife and I went to Hollywood Imports to purchase a Mini Cooper and had the opportunity of meeting Warren, a great guy to do business with.
We found the Cooper we liked and with only one test drive of the vehicle we new it was very sound and a good purchase. Warren also made our experience quick, easy and satisfying, no hassles, no pressure and what I like most, good pricing of the vehicle, I'm sure I could of gone to quite a few places in and around Birmingham to find a Mini Cooper but he had the one that I liked and the price was excellent along with the condition of the vehicle being like new. I hope that it will give me years of good service and fun driving. Thanks warren to you and the very nice lady Samantha that works with you. Hollywood Imports may not be a large dealership but they've got some of the best looking, best performing used cars in Birmingham!

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Aubrey Hairston - 2014 AUDI S8

I had an enjoyable purchase of a 2014 Audi S8 from Hollywood Imports. I had been looking at the Audi A8L on Cargur for some time but then I saw an S8....Whooa! I was always on google looking at Sports and as I scrolled down, adds would pop up a out S8's. So I seen this one from Hollywood Imports and after looking at the pictures numerous times ?? I put an offer in. Then I got an email from Warren Fuller a salesman for Hollywood Imports. After talking to Warren, I could tell that he was a cool, down to earth guy. That made me feel good inside because I live in West Virginia which is about 10 hrs away from the Dealership. So we talked about the car and we befriended each other on fb so that he could do facetime walk around the vehicle for me ??. The guy was great, because he even told me that the car was about a 9.5 out of a 10 as far as the condition inside and out...Ok! So I was skeptical about making a purchase on a vehicle site unseen? But he gave me his assurance about the car....I know you're thinking another car salesman trying to sell a car?? In all honesty I never felt that way about Warren and trust me, Ive owned about 80 vehicles! So after letting him know that I was interested in purchasing the car he emailed me all of the paperwork and told me to call him after I printed it off. I called him and he went over each piece with me to sign. Warren is an exceptional Salesman and his boss should feel really good to have a guy like him on board. IBefore I made the final steps to purchase the vehicle I read their reviews and read about them staff which people spoke reallly well about during their vehicle purchase from Hollywood Imports! The dealership doesn't look like a large Used Car Dealership that would imagine but they handle their business to help you vehicle purchase enjoyable.

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Jeff Carpenter - 2016 Dodge Ram

5 out of 5 stars - Melanie was great to deal with. We worked out a deal thru email and I came up the following day to look at it. After a test drive, I could tell it needed new tires & there was a minor sensor issue with the truck. We negotiated that into the deal and she had her guys have the issue fixed before we took the truck home a couple days later. It was a pretty easy deal and a pleasant experience compared to other car purchases I’ve done. If you’re looking at a car from here, buy it from Melanie, she was great every step of the way and always stayed in touch with me.

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Walker Wright - 2012 Volkswagen Jetta

Hollywood Imports makes the whole process easy and they work with you every step of the way. They are super friendly and will do anything that they can to help. They go above and beyond. Melanie Riley does an awesome job at finding exactly what you want and going the extra measure to make sure that you are are happy with whatever you are looking for. She does not pressure you at all either. Customer service 12/10. Hollywood is much more than your average car dealership. Overall great experience.

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Brooke Little - 2010 Cadillac SRX

My husband and I just got a great deal on an amazing Cadillac with the help of Melanie Riley. This is my second Hollywood Imports purchase and I will surely be back for a 3rd, etc. Thanks to all the staff for a hassle-free experience!

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Edna Jackson - 2014 Volvo XC60

I cannot say enough good about Melanie Riley at Hollywood Imports! I asked online about a vehicle she IMMEDIATELY replied! Got all my info late that night and the next day I went and picked the car up! I’m not sure if it gets any easier than that! The financing was WAY EASIER THAN LARGE DEALERSHIPS WHERE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU’RE BEGGING TO BE ABLE TO BUY THEIR CAR! I WILL N E V E R GO ANYWHERE ELSE RO BUY A CAR! Melanie Riley YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR MY LOVE!

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Randall Clark - 2014 Land Rover Range Rover

I just wanted to commend Melanie on her help while I was trying to find a new car. I have been looking for over a year for the perfect car and found it at Hollywood Imports. Melanie and the whole staff were professional, yet not intimidating. I will refer all my friends there and the next time I'm looking for a car, I will start here first. Thank you!

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